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A Practical Guide to Git and GitHubA Practical Guide to Git and GitHub for Windows Users

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This book is an interactive, fun and practical guide to install, configure and use Git and GitHub on the Windows platform. It will take you from Beginner to Expert level through a series of engaging exercises to help you quickly acquire the skills needed to effectively use today’s most popular version control system and open source code repository.

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  1. Alcuin Joseph

    One page 51 you instruct your readers to input the following command “git log –oneline –decorate –author=yourname”. When I input this I substitute “yourname” with my name and get a “fatal ambiguous argument” error message. Do you know why this may be so and will it effect how I progress through the book if I ignore this command and move forward?

    1. Roberto V Post author

      Do not worry, this will not affect your progress. Make sure you type double dash in front of each argument. Or you can simply type “git log”.

  2. william yarberry

    On page 33 of the ebook, you say open “it” in your web browser. There are three html files, yet your use of the word “it” implies there is a single one to click on. I tried “pilots.html” and all three showed. Your book is excellent and so far everything has worked like a charm. Just thought you’d like to know where something is from the department of “non-obvious.” Regards, Bill Yarberry


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