A Practical Guide to Git and GitHub for Windows Users (2nd Edition)

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Book Description

This book is an interactive, fun and practical guide to install, configure and use Git and GitHub on the Windows platform. It will take you from Beginner to Expert level through a series of engaging exercises to help you quickly acquire the skills needed to effectively use today’s most popular version control system and open source code repository.

A Practical Guide to Git and GitHub for Windows Users starts by guiding you through the process of correctly setting up Git and GitHub on Windows and overcome platform-specific issues. You will then be introduced to Git Bash, the command-line console installed with Git for Windows, and some essential Linux file management commands. Starting from scratch you will learn the basic concepts of version control with Git and how to host your first project on GitHub, quickly moving on to master Git branches and contribute to a GitHub open source project. Each chapter progressively builds on your knowledge by exploring more advanced Git and GitHub concepts with pragmatic hands-on exercises to give you a solid foundation to work professionally on real-world projects.

With easy to follow step-by-step instructions you will learn how to:

  • Correctly install and configure Git and GitHub on Windows
  • Use the Git Bash console to work with Git like a pro
  • Track changes in a software project with Git
  • Showcase your work on GitHub
  • Understand the Git repository and Git workflows
  • Contribute to open source projects on GitHub

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