Git For Windows Installation Screenshots

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Version Illustrated: 64-bit

Step 1. Download the installer

Go to the Git For Windows website and click on the [Download] button to download and save the installer. Once downloaded double-click on the .exe file to begin installation.

Step 2. License Information

To accept the License Agreement click [Next >]


Step 3. Select Installation Folder

I recommend selecting a directory path with no spaces in the name, as in the illustration below


Step 4. Select Components

Select the following components and file associations, then click [Next >]

Step 5. Select Start Menu Folder

Accept the suggested name and click [Next>]

Step 6. Choose Default Editor

This will determine which text editor will open to input commit notes and other text messages interactively. Go for Nano if you are not familiar with more powerful editors like Vim

Step 7. Select Default Branch Name

Let Git decide and click [Next>]


Step 8. Adjust PATH Environment

Make sure you select “Use Git from Git Bash only”

Step 9. Select HTTPS transport

Specify the library to use for secure HTTP connections. Go for OpenSSL unless you have a reason to do otherwise

Step 10. Configure Line Ending Conversions

Make sure you select “Checkout Windows-style, commit Unix-style line endings”

Step 11. Select Behaviour of Pull Command

Select Default

Step 12. Select Credential Helper

Go with the recommended choice

Step 13. Configure Extra Options

Leave unchecked and click [Next >]

Step 14. Configure Experimental Options

Leave unchecked and click [Next >]

Step 15. Progress Bar

Installation begins…

Step 16. Installation Complete

Click on [Finish]. Congratulations… job done!

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7 thoughts on “Git For Windows Installation Screenshots

  1. Frank Barone

    Hi Roberto,
    A very helpful guide.
    May I suggest that you update this page to show git for windows Version 2. 21. 0

  2. Bob Dolan

    Hi Roberto,
    Thank you for the guide.
    Just installed git version
    Selected Atom for the text editor. I’m using that already and understand that it is closely tied to github.
    A screenshot of the editor selections, along with revised comments on the choices now available, would be helpful.
    Updating your screenshots looks like an endless task. I am impressed with your dedication.

  3. Esabee

    Would you like to update it again? There are a couple of new screenshots to be added 🙂


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